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The Brexit Comic (latest edition)

 Current Issue is issue 13ish (FROM 7/08/2020)    ISSUE 13 - August 2020 After a break for Chemo and Covid - we're BACK! Order after 7th August to get Issue 13 After four years of creating cartoons for sharing on The Facebook and The Twittersphere Mike Dicks, author, cartoonist, illustrator, wit, raconteur, lazy satirist etc. etc., crowdfunded a traditional comic called The Brexit. Revelling in nostalgia and loosely based on a ménage-et-trois of the children’s TV show Trumpton, the classic comic The Beano and the satirical TV show Spitting Image, The Brexit Comic records political events in a pictorial form – as seen through the prism of Mike’s jaded and warped...

Mike&Scrabble Book

There are many wise, practical, and academic books that explore the relationship between pets and their owners; Mike&Scrabble is not one of them. Instead, this picture book for adults gives an insight into the mind of a dog who has acquired a slightly damaged human, and sets about trying to train him. Mike&Scrabble's simple illustrations and one-line observations were originally designed by Mike, despite what Scrabble says, as posts for Twitter and Facebook, to joke about becoming a dog owner. The posts gathered a following of loyal fans, mainly dog owners (about 90%), mainly women (about 55%), and mostly English...

Mike&ScrabbleToo Book

The relationship between dogs and humans has been evolving for tens of thousands of years, but it was only when Scrabble began writing about this from a dog's perspective that humans realised the true nature of their 'Best Friend' status. You could read an academic guide to understanding this friendship, and you probably should, but you should also flick through the thoughtful, insightful and funny thoughts of this rather clever dog. Mike&ScrabbleToo is the difficult second album or the awkward sequel to Mike&Scrabble. It represents the collected posts and tweets of our dynamic duo from the summer of 2016 to...

Hove & Brightone - Set of 2 Canvas Prints

There are many things that make Brighton & Hove seafront special, one of the simple things that pleases me greatly is the way the railings change colour at the border between the two original towns. These 320mm x 488mm canvas prints stretched over a 20mm wooden frame pay tribute to the people that decided each town should have it's own green and the people that made the classic Pantone sheets. Sold as a pair.

Bins of Brighton & Hove - Canvas Print

The main thing you see on the see front of my city are bins, this is a collection of some of my favourites Bins of Brighton&HovePhotographCanvas print 315mm x 315mm

Rescued - Mike&Scrabble - Canvas Print

My books about my dog, Scrabble have been out in the wild for two years now. The books form a guide to owning a slightly faulty Human (that’s me) and they happened by a happy accident. I started making these pictures to try to understand why on earth I had got myself a dog, I shared them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and somehow they were spotted by a publisher, who wrote to my dog and offered a publishing contract.  This image is an update of one of my first cartoons which has been very popular with Mike&Scrabble followers, I think it's because it sums up the...

Hove Reflections 001 - Canvas Print

This is the first of a new series of Brighton and Hove related images I'm creating. I love the architecture of my home city and the iconic beach huts that now make up a part of my window view. This one, shows typical houses and multi-coloured beach huts reflected in a mirrored sea. Printed on stretched canvas 70cm x 40cm x 2cm

Ostrich Book Canvas Print (Personalised)

We all have a novel in us, it's just we've not got round to writing it yet, right? This print gives you a chance to at least pretend that your novel was written and printed and makes a great talking point. Add your name and a book title - or one for a friend, family member or arch enemy.   23cm x 37.5cm printed on stretched canvas with a spine and pages on the sides.   *Please add your name and book title in the NOTES section when you place your order        

The Towers Of Brighton & Hove (Brighton Green) Canvas Print

A print of "The Towers of Brighton & Hove" featuring the new West Pier Tower and the Madeira Drive Tower on a Brighton Green background Printed on stretched canvas this print creates a stunning display on any wall. The print can be purchased in two sizes 400mm x 300mm or 800mm x 600mm stretched over a wooden frame 20mm deep.