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Mike&Scrabble Comic

The Mike&Scrabble Comic is here!  8 pages of jokes, stories and dog fun plus a pull-out and keep poster of one of our favourite pictures. You can subscribe to the comic and get a copy every month as it grows (in pages and numbers)By buying the Mike&Scrabble comic you are helping Mike keep drawing his cartoons - the ones we share on Facebook and Twitter - and you are keeping me (Scrabble) in tasty chicken based snacks - for which I thank you x   (Issue One ships end of March)  

2020 Mike&Scrabble Calendar

  Once again I got a call from my Mum asking if I was making a calendar this year, I said I wasn't and she sounded disappointed, so I decided I probably should do one. It features all 12 months, each with its own page full of days (30 on some, 31 on others and one with a pesky 28). Printed in Brighton (at the end of my road) on high quality, writable paper and bound with a springy binder the calendar will be 220mm square unopened and 220mm x 440mm open - it's also only really functional open so I...

The Decimation Set

Get the full set of Brexit Comics. Launched as an antidote to crying about Brexit the Brexit Comic is just over 12 months old!To celebrate we're offering you the chance to buy a pristine set of all 10 issues wrapped lovingly in an envelope and delivered to your door by a privatised postal worker.If you missed out on a regular subscription, or you've never heard of The Brexit Comic, now is your chance to make amends.The ideal gift for your Remainer Nan or your Leaver Uncle - The Decimation Set might be the very thing to help you endure life...

Mr Trump Goes To Washington Book

In 2016, much to his and the rest of the world s surprise, Donald Trump was elected President of the United States of America. This is the story, told in pictures so that he can read it himself, of how he got there, and when Mr Trump went to Washington. All of Mr Trump s friends, and bad hombres, feature in the book from Mr Putin and Mrs Clinton (is she locked up, yet?) to Mr Bannon and Mr Obama (#NotAmerican). The illustrations for the book are in stunning 3D (well, they're in 3D), and their cuteness belies the cutting...