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True Jedi - Charity Canvas Print

True Jedi - Charity Canvas Print

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A True Jedi


50x50cm print on stretched canvas.

A few months ago, I walked home from the hospital along the seafront after starting my chemotherapy.

My cancer had sapped my energy levels quite a bit, so I walked the mile or two home in stages, stopping for coffee or to sit on a bench for a while and enjoy the sunshine while I recharged my batteries.

Towards the end of my stroll I sat on a bench that had been decorated with plastic flowers, you see a few of these along Brighton and Hove’s prom and I think they are a delightful way to show that someone gone is still in the thoughts of someone still here.

The flowers on this bench had taken a bit of a beating, I assumed from the storm the night before, so as I sat there, I picked up the plastic flowers and leaves and pilled them on the bench.

A woman stopped and asked if I’d mind her tidying up the bits and fixing the flowers, as the bench and blooms were a tribute to her friend’s son, Felix, and she felt Felix’s mum would be upset to see the damage.

I helped her to repair the flowers and we chatted about Felix, as I recall he’d died of cancer a couple of years ago and his mum and dad had maintained the bench ever since.

Her friend thought the flowers had been vandalised – it had happened before. I told her I was on my way back from chemo and that Felix’s story was resonating with me.

I sat and read the little silver plaque on the bench, and felt a warm smile all over as I read:

Wonderful son, loving brother
And true Jedi Knight

For the last few weeks I’ve been working on an image that tries to capture a little of the feeling of that day and here is my little tribute to Felix White, Jedi Knight and his mother.

I started to wonder what might happen late at night when a Jedi visited the bench to pay tribute to Felix, here is my latest attempt to get it right.


15% of the price goes to a charity chosen by Felix's mum and dad.

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