• The Brexit Comic Issue 12
  • The Brexit Comic Issue 12
  • The Brexit Comic Issue 12
  • The Brexit Comic Issue 12
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The Brexit Comic Issue 12

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Our "Is it OK to call it Christmas? Issue will feature an 8-page spectacular adaptation of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol.

The Brexit Christmas Carol will star Boris Johnson as Boris Scrooge, David Cameron as Jacob Cameron and Jeremy Corbyn as the Ghost of Wintervals yet to come ...

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After four years of creating cartoons for sharing on The Facebook and The Twittersphere Mike Dicks, author, cartoonist, illustrator, wit, raconteur, lazy satirist etc. etc., crowdfunded a traditional comic called The Brexit. Revelling in nostalgia and loosely based on a ménage-et-trois of the children’s TV show Trumpton, the classic comic The Beano and the satirical TV show Spitting Image, The Brexit Comic records political events in a pictorial form – as seen through the prism of Mike’s jaded and warped sense of humour. The Brexit Comic is released roughly monthly (or when Mike finally gets around to writing, drawing, printing and posting it out)

Each edition features a familiar cast of dubious characters including Mrs May, Mr Trump, Mr Johnson and Mr Farage in spoofs of classic cartoon strips, TV shows or films – all rendered on a creaky PC in glorious, low-res 3D graphics.

You’re never too old to read a comic, and if you only read one read The Brexit – after all, there is very little else funny about the world of politics these days.


Publisher :  M&S Comics
Format:       225.5mm x 308mm
Pages:        Normally 8 (if you count both sides)


(As featured in The Observer)

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