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Mike Dicks Art

Star Trek - Spock - Beatone Canvas Print 2020

Star Trek - Spock - Beatone Canvas Print 2020

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Spock has always been one of favourite characters in Star Trek, he set the bar for the central character trying to understand humanity which became the signature of subsequent series (think Data, 7of9, Odo)

I love Star Trek, I mean I don't cosplay it or anything, but I love all the series (including the new ones)

Beatones and Movietones are a series of prints featuring iconic music and film moments, lyrics or lines.

This year, 2020, I have altered the style to evoke a more 60’s album, Pelican book or movie poster feel.

Laminated canvas surface for the ultimate protection. No cracking, water-resistant, cleanable, scratch proof and UV protection of up to 200 years.

All work is printed onto heavyweight canvas producing vibrant colour and superb black and white images.

Stretched over a European pine frame precision cut, mitred and then underpinned providing a strong robust frame.

30cm x 35.6cm x 2cm


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