• It's Hove, Actually (Print)
  • It's Hove, Actually (Print)
  • It's Hove, Actually (Print)
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It's Hove, Actually (Print)

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According to Wikipedia the phrase "Hove, actually" can be explained thus:

A well-known reply by residents of Hove, usually humorous, when asked if they live in Brighton is "Hove, actually" thus maintaining a distinction with their less genteel neighbour.[15] One source has identified the locally resident actor Laurence Olivier (who lived in Brighton) as the origin of the phrase.[16] In the 1990s the Hove borough council used the slogan "Hove, Actually" to promote the town for tourism.[17]

This image, created mainly because I wasted a morning building one of the famous Hove beach huts, deals with the fact that even some residents don't know where Brighton ends and Hove begins - it also shows how clever Scrabble is compared to Mike.


A 400mm x 400mm print on stretch canvas delivered to your door.



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